If you are coming from the Seeds for Change event, here are the two PDF files about “flowers for bees” that we recommend.

THIS file is from Dr. Christine Casey who manages the Haagen-Dazs Bee Haven.

THIS file is from our own Chris House ‘and friends’ with the Humboldt Beekeepers Association

Click HERE to see all the flowers that are in our seed packets

Some recommended reading…there are scores of books out there on beekeeping, bee biology, behavior and more. Here are a few useful ones…

Management & Behavior


  • Beekeeping for Dummies 2020. Howland Blackiston. Various versions, many find this one very helpful; good beginning text… Library B&NAmazon
  • The Beekeeper’s Handbook, 4th Edition. 2011. Diana Sammatarro and A. Avitabile; good resource; unfortunately poor index  LibraryAmazon, B&N
  • Honeybee Democracy 2010 and The Lives of Bees, 2019. Thomas D. Seeley. Bee behaviorist extraordinaire. Library, AmazonB&N

Honey Bee Health

  • Tools for Varroa Management, A Guide to Effective Sampling & Control.  Honey Bee Health Coalition 
    This guide lays out an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy for managing Varroa mite infestations; including how to monitor mite levels, chemical and non-chemical methods and how to determine which treatment is appropriate for a beekeeper to use at different phases in a colony’s life cycle. PDF
  • Honey Bee Diseases and Pests, 2016, Marla Spivak. PDF


  • American Bee Journal Established in 1861. Published by Dadant & Sons. Subscriptions of digital and print editions, many useful resources, including a digital newsletter on the web at
  • Bee Culture – “The Magazine of American Beekeeping” Published by the A.J. Root Company. On the web at available as an app and print edition (12 months). Email:

Useful Websites   

Power Points Presentations by Dick LaForge

  • Dick LaForge, instructor for the Practical Beekeeping class at HSU has made available the power points presentations from his class. These are the property of Dick LaForge but he is making these available for anyone to use for presentation purposes.  Google Drive link is below.


Dick LaForge, the owner of the former Yahoo Bee Group Pages, has started a new email list dedicated to beekeeping in the Humboldt County Area. Because Yahoo has terminated the Group pages. Dick LaForge, thru his new Humbeeks email site, has been able to maintain a lot of the information, and file material, on the new Humbeeks email listing. Humbeeks is the property of Mr. LaForge. Permission to be included in Humbeeks emails requires his permission, obtainable by contacting him at the following:

The Humbeeks email address: