What is the Humboldt County Beekeepers Association?  

The Humboldt County Beekeepers Association (HCBA) is a beekeeping association active on the North Coast since 1995. As worldwide interest in beekeeping has increased, the organization has also grown significantly. Now, the HCBA is a 501(c)(3) not for profit. Our Tax ID number is 46-527-9488.

Our Mission and Goals

The Humboldt County Beekeeping Association is dedicated to:

  • Providing educational opportunities with the purpose of promoting the success of beekeepers.
  • Outreach to the community regarding the benefits of honey bees and beekeeping.
  • Provide a forum for cooperation and mutual support among local beekeepers.

Board of Directors and Board Information 

Officers and Directors

Position Name Term of Office
President and Board Chair Eric Christian July 2021 –  June 2023
Vice President Robert Bertholf July 2022 – June 2024
Treasurer Janelle Bucklin July 2021 – June 2023
Secretary Cheryl Furman July 2022 – June 2024
Director 1 Jeannine Kaprielian July 2021 – June 2023
Director 2 Dawna Blair July 2021 – June 2023
Director 3 Sarah Browning July 2022 – June 2024

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meet on the third Thursday of each month via Zoom from 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM.

 Board Meeting Agenda

An agenda for each meeting can be obtained by contacting the Secretary of the HCBA at:

Email Address:  cause4paws@yahoo.com

Minutes from Past Board Meetings

The minutes from past meetings are archived. While some of the minutes are stored digitally,  others are maintained as hard copies. Requests for hard copies of the minutes are available by contacting the Secretary at the email address listed above. There is a fee if hard copies are requested.


The By-Laws of the Humboldt County Beekeepers Association are available within the following link:

HCBA Bylaws – revised on March 26th, 2019