Bees & Beekeeping Supplies

Acquiring bees for your hives…Humboldt County

Humboldt County Beekeepers Association does not sell or coordinate bee purchases.  Several local and regional providers sell bees, see below.

Package bees and nucs are typically available from commercial breeders in early -late Spring. Attend local HCBA monthly meetings & follow social media to check availability. Queens typically become available Apr/May and available thru August from commercial bee breeders (typically California Central Valley areas, Washington & Oregon). Local Humboldt County queens/nucs typically available in late Spring thru August. Keep an eye on the HCBA Facebook page.

Local Queens and Nuc colonies.  Options for this form will be populated in 2024

Local Members with Queens and Nucs
NameLocationPhoneQueensQueens AvaNucleus ColoniesNucs Ava

Commercial Suppliers

C.F. KOEHNEN & SONS, INC., Glenn, CA, Tel: 530-891-5216 Italian & Carniolan

OLD SOL APIARIES, Rogue River, OR., Tel: (541) 582-2337, Email:, Old World Caucasian & “Survivor” stock

OLIVEIRA’S HONEY BEES, Orland, CA, Tel: (877) 865-0298, Email:, Italian & Carniolan

TABER’S HONEY BEE GENETICS, Vacaville, CA Tel: 707-449-0440. Carniolan-Russian & Italian

A&Bee Provisions, Nucs available, use code (CLUBNUC10) before Feb 1st for $10 discount per nuc.


Equipment Suppliers

Support a local business!

A & L Feed, McKinleyville, CA, Tel: 707-839-3265 carries equipment, books, foundation, etc.

Wild Jasmine Creations, McKinleyville CA, Tel: 707-499-6739, high quality beekeeping wood-ware.

… are there any others?  Please let us know by email so we can add them to the list.

Statewide & beyond

Dadant & Sons, Inc. Full range of supplies. Shipping is fast if ordered by phone from the Chico, CA store.

Mann Lake, Ltd.  Full range of supplies. Shipping is fast if ordered from the Woodland, CA store.