HCBA Extractors & Honey Harvest

Honey Extractors available to HCBA Members:

If you would like to borrow an extractor, please contact: 496-3524.

We have 3 extractors in McKinleyville. We have a newish Mann-Lake, $10/day, and an older plastic one, and an older galvanized steel model, $5/day. All are manual.


In accordance with guidelines from local, state, and federal agencies, HCBA will not be conducting a Honey Harvest event this year.

Generally in AUGUST at:

 MAD RIVER BREWING CO – 101 Taylor Way, Blue Lake

(Take the Hatchery Rd Exit)

Beekeepers are invited to extract their honey supers!

Please contact Justin to sign up for a time at the extractors, especially if you have more than 2-3 honey supers to extract

Walk-ins are welcome on a first come, first served basis – But you may be placed on a wait list 

  • Do make sure your honey frames/supers are in bee tight containers
  • Please bring food-grade buckets & drip trays (suggest one 5-gallon bucket per 10-frame super)
  • Due to time and space limitationbuckets or bulk containers reuired – filter honey into jars at home
  • Please bring your own uncapping scratchers & knives – limited equipment will be available at the event.

The beekeepers are grateful to the brewery staff at Mad River for their generous support and for providing a great place to extract honey!