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News Flash! No Honey Harvest Event This Year!

In accordance with guidelines from local, state, and federal agencies, HCBA will not be conducting a Honey Harvest event this year. However, in order to assist beekeepers, we will continue to make our Honey Extractors available for rent at a nominal fee.

Upcoming Meetings

How to keep your bees alive until April and other Winter management issues February 4, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

Dick LaForge will be presenting on how to keep your bees alive until spring and various Winter management do’s and don’ts. Interaction will be encouraged.

Join this Zoom Meeting on 2/4/2021 at 6:00.


A Note of Thanks

Nan Ober has elected to resign as Board Secretary due to the time constraints of other commitments.  The Board would like to extend our thanks to Nan for her many contributions to HCBA, and we look forward to her continuing participation as a club member.  Cheryl Furman has agreed to step into the Board Secretary position, and John Winzler has agreed to fill Cheryl’s Board position.  There will be a vote at the next general meeting to confirm these appointments.

Here is information from last month’s presentation on Cooking with Honey.



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Board of Directors Meeting

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Beekeeping classes

The beekeeping class will take place this year via Zoom. For more information see: https://extended.humboldt.edu/extended-education/program/practical-beekeeping-classes/course/practical-beekeeping

 Bee Class 2021

Honey extractors available for loan to HCBA Members: