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News Flash! No Honey Harvest Event This Year!

In accordance with guidelines from local, state, and federal agencies, HCBA will not be conducting a Honey Harvest event this year. However, in order to assist beekeepers, we will continue to make our Honey Extractors available for rent at a nominal fee.

We have 2 extractors in McKinleyville, and 1 in Fortuna. We have a newish Mann-Lake, $10/day, and an older plastic one, $5/day (both in McKinleyville). We have an older galvanized steel model, $5/day  in Fortuna. All are manual.

Contact Info:

McKinleyville 496-3524

Fortuna 599-8153

Upcoming Meetings

The next HCBA General Meeting: (Tentative) Winterization and Mite Control, By Dick and Jeannine

Thursday, Sept 3th , 6:30 PM via ZOOM!

Join the Humboldt County Beekeepers Assoc. at 6:00 pm via Zoom!

You will need to download Zoom on your PC or laptop or the Zoom App on your phone.

Please check back for any changes in joining information.

Bylaws review and proposed Changes:

As required by our Bylaws, we have completed the annual review, and the Board has a change to propose regarding membership. Currently, a member is someone who attends a monthly meeting and pays the $2 entry fee. They are a member for that month. We propose changing that so that members are people who pay a $20 membership dues per calendar year. Membership entitles the person to free entry at the monthly meetings, and to participate in Association business such as voting on Board members, and approving the bylaws. Guests are people who pay a $2 entry fee to attend a monthly meeting. This change would be effective 1-1-2021. The actual text of the proposed change is below. This change will be voted on at the September meeting.


  1. Membership is open to any person in the area served by this Association who is interested in beekeeping.
  2. Members will be required to conform to the rules, regulations and bylaws of this Association.
  3. There shall be one classification of membership hereinafter known as a general membership or membership.
  4. Membership fees may be paid for a calendar year ($20), or monthly ($2) (subject to change by the BoD). Membership fees shall be paid prior to entering the meeting and participating in the monthly meeting.  are $20 per calendar year, or as determined by the BoD and confirmed by vote of the membership.  
  5. Those who have paid their membership fee and are members in good standing and are in attendance at the monthly meeting are considered the general membership at the time of that meeting and are entitled to participate, conduct business, nominate and vote on issues presented at the meeting. 
  6. Any member may be terminated from the HCBA for inappropriate, illegal, or unethical behavior, or for any other behavior which is antithetical to the Objectives and Purposes of the HCBA, by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present and voting at the meeting at which the issue is addressed and after open discussion. Any member may also be terminated from the HCBA, for the same reasons, by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors (BoD). In this case, the member may appeal the decision of theBoD to the General Membership at the next regularly scheduled meeting. A 2/3 majority of the Members present and voting is required to overturn the decision of the BoD. 


  1. Dues are paid on an annual or monthly basis and payable prior to the monthly meeting. 
  2. Dues amount shall be set by the BoD and approved by a simple majority vote of the Association members present at the time of the voting. 
  3. c. Dues are waived for members under age 18. 
  4. d. Only dues paying members, 18 years and older, may vote.
  5. e. Dues are not refundable.



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Honey extractors available for loan to HCBA Members:

If you would like to borrow an extractor, please contact HCBA Email: humboldtbeekeepers@gmail.com. (There is a $5 donation to use the HCBA extractor)