Beekeeping Courses

Humboldt State University Beginning and Advanced Beekeeping Classes

Anyone interested in starting their own hives for the first time this year, as well as folks who are just want to learn more about honeybees and beekeeping, HSU Extended Education offers  Practical Beekeeping classes. Topics include basic bee biology and natural history, life cycle, social organization, and basic colony management techniques. The class covers both conventional and alternative methods for keeping bees healthy Students  learn practical skills while visiting local apiaries on several working field trips and will have the opportunity to purchase hive equipment and package bees at a discount in order to start their own honeybee colonies. Further details about the beekeeping classes can be found  at the HSU website

Beekeeping courses- California and Oregon

California Master Beekeeper Program (CAMBP) at the University of California at Davis, E.L. Nino Bee Lab. Check the details at CAMBP  – specific requirements and program schedules are provided.

Short courses/classes in Oregon/California (1-2 day) on various topics are offered through various regional beekeeping organizations & clubs in Oregon and California. Keep an eye on these organizations:

State and National Conferences Check this link for current events:  California State Beekeepers Event List.

HCBA Mentorship Program

This effort is underway. If you are interested, please plan to attend the HCBA general meetings that take place the first Thursday of each month, follow the Humboldt Beekeepers Yahoo list-serve and Facebook page to keep up with current activities..