Some recommended reading…there are scores of books out there on beekeeping, bee biology, behavior and more. Here are  a few useful ones…

Management & Behavior

The Beekeeper’s Handbook, 4th Edition. 2011Diana Sammatarro and A. Avitabile 

Honeybee Democracy  2010. Thomas D. Seeley. Bee behaviorist extraodinaire.

Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping. 2013. Dewey M. Carron and Lawrence J. Connor

Beekeeping for Dummies 2017. Howland Blackiston. Various versions, many find this one very helpful…

Beekeeping in Coastal California 2014. Jeremy Rose (Check for the free download at


Tools for Varroa Management, A Guide to Effective Sampling & Control.  Honey Bee Health Coalition 
This guide lays out an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy for managing Varroa mite infestations; including how to monitor mite levels, chemical and non-chemical methods and how to determine which treatment is appropriate for a beekeeper to use at different phases in a colony’s life cycle. Click here to download.

Honey Bee Diseases and Pests. 2016. Marla Spivak and Gary S. Reuter, University of Minnesota Extension, Dept of Entomology. To order a copy,  check online at


American Bee Journal Established in 1861. Published by Dadant & Sons. Subscriptions of digital and print editions, Many useful resources, including a digital newsletter on the web at

Bee Culture – “The Magazine of American Beekeeping” Published by the A.J. Root Company. On the web at available as an app and print edition (12 months). Email: